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Webinars Available in April

Renewable Energy Development, Grid Modernization & Distributed Generation in Wisconsin March 6, 2020

The Future of Manure Digesters in Wisconsin, February 25, 2020

Updated M-WERC Energy Panel, Sponsors & Partners

Exhibitors, Sponsors & Partners

NEW IT Alliance Panel, Sponsors & Partners

Water Council Panel, Sponsors & Partners

M-WERC Energy Panel, Sponsors & Partners

WMEP Industry Panel, Sponsors & Partners

Advancing Cybersecurity in the Industry, Energy, Water, Nexus: Welcome & Keynote, Sponsors & Partners

Advancing Cybersecurity in the Industry, Energy, Water, Nexus, BioCycle REFOR19, Marquette Anaerobic Treatment Course

MMSD South Shore facility tour, programs in development, Water Council News, and Biogas Industry News

Meeting Reminder & Conference Presentations Available

October 15th Meeting - speaker and tour details

Wisconsin Biogas Council Meeting October 15th

Farm Tour Available! 

Your Invited!  Register by June 1st!

Conference Agenda & Speaker Updates!

Wisconsin Biogas Council Conference 2018

June 6th conference - location, sponsors, schedule

June 6th conference, May 11th open meeting, and eRIN initiative

Open Meeting March 7th

February 20th Meeting Cancelled - Poor Weather

Partnership Announcement with The Water Council, Open Meeting @ SEH, The American Jobs Project, Company News

Celebrating 1 year of activity, PSC Integrated Anaerobic Digester RFP News, Wisconsin Clean Cities Natural Gas for Transportation Roundtable, National Biogas News

EPA AgSTAR Partnership, Launch Event Materials, PSC RFP Webinar, Biogas Opportunities.

Meet our presenters: Karyn Jones

Exciting News: Wisconsin DNR Education Credits Now available!

Meet our presenters: Nick Lumpkin

Meet our presenters: Dave Lavoie

Meet our presenters: Charlie Mayer

Meet our presenters: Mark J. Torresani

Meet our presenters: Jeff Tocio

Meet our presenters: Justin Peterson

Meet our presenters: Bryan Johnson

Meet our presenters: Will Charlton, President of Digester Doc

Meet our presenters: Dean John Katers

Expert speakers, Operational Digester Tour & More - Register Today!

Launch Event registration, sponsors, agenda, tour opportunity

Launch Event registration, sponsors, and overview

Launch Event registration & location details

Launch event announcement, Wisconsin Energy Institute Event, Wisconsin Office of Energy Innovation Event

RFP Announcements & Website Update

Anonymous polling option announcement..

Details from first Advisor Committee meeting, Paths Forward Poll Announcement.

OEI Correction and Organization Background

Initial launch message

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