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Welcome to the Wisconsin Biogas Council!

October 19, 2016

Greetings & welcome to the Wisconsin Biogas Council!  


The story of renewable natural gas, or biogas development in Wisconsin has been one of innovation, growth, leadership, and challenges.  In todays market Wisconsin continues to be a national leader in regards to knowledge, experience and support.  Challenges are present however: declining utility electric buy back rates, declining natural gas prices, and nutrient management regulations among others.


The Wisconsin Biogas Council seeks to serve as a forum for all members of the biogas community to meet and discuss potential solutions to issues, best practices, promotion of the industry, and research into new markets and products.


We will be extending an invitation in the near future for a networking session on the current state of the Wisconsin Biogas market, and to gain input from stakeholders on desired actions and mission goals for the council.  More information this event will be available in the blog and delivered to all subscribers to the planned newsletter.


Thank you for your interest and support of the Wisconsin Biogas industry - we look forward to speaking with you in the near future! 

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